Get A Nice And Even Skin Tone With This Sour Cream And Lemon Face Mask!

Skin whitening for all kinds of blemishes on your face is a common procedure when you have uneven skin tone, redness and some cosmetic problems.

The summer or the autumn may leave some dark spots or freckles on your skin, but you can rid of them easily with this natural homemade facial mask.

The uneven skin tone, pigment stains and traces of acne may afflict many women. The make-up is applied much harder, and if you want to get the required effect you should use high quality cosmetics and make-up skills.

sour cream and lemon mask

The hormonal changes also affect the skin and prevent its healing process and healthy look. A lot of women cover the blemishes with thick layer of make-up, but that’s not the answer. Thick layer of make-up causes difficulties for the epidermis to breathe, and besides that it can cause some allergies too. If you wish to know what causes the problem, the best way is to visit a dermatologist or an experienced beautician to determine exactly what the skin needs are and what the real problem is.

Sometimes it’s enough just to determine what’s the exact problem and help with the metabolic processes of the skin. Some saloon treatments and a few homemade natural recipes can help you with that problem.

The treatment of hyper-pigmentation mainly includes eliminating the dead skin cells in the upper layer, cleaning, reducing the amount of melanin and avoiding the factors that stimulate it. No matter what kind of skin whitening process you’ve selected, it’s necessary to protect your skin from sun radiation with creams with high SPF factor, and you should avoid direct exposure to the sun for some time after you complete the procedures. Otherwise, their effect will not be noticed, on the contrary – you may get some redness on your skin and allergic reactions.

Skin whitening in a cosmetic center

First of all, you should take a good look at the face and the cleavage to determine the skin type and the skin’s specific problems, so you can choose the proper skin whitening treatment and the number of procedures.

Peeling works like charm for this purpose. The procedure must match the skin type and the age of the patient. Many years ago, they used phenol and 20 % salicylate alcohol which irritates and dries out the skin. Nowadays are used more pleasant products such as fruit acids or plant based peelings. Instead of the mentioned acids, now they use lactic or citric acid.

Skin whitening at your home

You don’t have to go to a beauty salon to get skin whitening. You can do that at your home with some homemade remedies to avoid the chemicals used in some beauty salons.

You should definitely try this homemade natural facial mask. It’s made by juice of one lemon and the same amount of sour cream. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Try to avoid the area around your eyes. For stronger pigmentation you can mix 1 tablespoon of honey with some mashed black currants. Apply to blemished areas on your face and remove after 30 minutes.

Wash your face with some water and lemon juice.