Good News: You Can Brake These 5 Rules While Trying To Lose Weight

During the struggle with excess weight, many encounter a lot of obstacles on their way to weight loss.

And while trying to be on a healthy diet, the prohibition of some foods and some hard to follow rules are often the reason why you just end up giving up.

But for you to stay in the mission, and not torture yourself in the same time, brake these 5 rules!

Good News You Can Brake These 5 Rules While Trying To Lose Weight

  1. Do Not Avoid Fat

The ban should not be taken literally, because there are good and bad fats. Unsaturated fats help in absorbing sufficient nutrition from fruits and vegetables and also reduce cholesterol. Therefore, eat fish, nuts and avocados because they are treasuries of essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

  1. Eat Bread

Removing bread from your diet is also a rule which there is no need to follow. Cereals are important for balance in the body, and you need them to feed the body with energy.  Choose integral whole grain bread and cereals that are high in fiber and retain the feeling of fullness.

  1. Do Not Skip Dinner

The body needs energy for constant operation. Therefore, it is better to allow yourself a healthy and easy dinner, such as salad or wholegrain pasta to kill that hunger.

  1. Eat Sweets

Excessive withdrawal from sweet additional increases your desire for them. Eat healthy 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% allow yourself a scope of ice-cream or a chocolate cookie that are sweet enough to satisfy your desire, and will not throw you out of balance.

  1. Consume 3 Meals a Day Instead of 5

In the fast pace of everyday life you do not have much time to eat 5 times a day. Therefore, it is better to devote only three healthy meals a day, previously prepared with great care.

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