Green Tea Melts Fat and Protects From Cancer, But Also Has a Dangerous Side You Need to Know!

If you decide to use green tea as a healthy alternative to coffee or for some other health related reason, you should keep this in mind.

green tea

Green tea is extremely healthy and highly recommended, especially as a coffee substitute, and in a number of other situations. It is well known that it plays a significant role in slowing the progression of prostate cancer, reduces stress and gives the body energy and reduces cholesterol. In addition, it is an excellent ally in losing weight and melting fat, but experts still warn us on his bad side.

They reveal that green tea  can interfere with the action of drugs for hypertension.

In fact, green tea is rich in tannin, which may limit the absorption of iron from fruits and vegetables. Green tea should be avoided when on some specific drugs because of the high amount of caffeine. To know exactly when you can use it without a problem, talk to your doctor, especially if you have a major health problem.

Researchers from the Medical School Fukoshima found that green tea can lower the effect of certain flu drugs and advise that you should talk with your doctor when using green tea for a longer time.

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