Habits you need to have for a healthier heart.


Statistics shows us rather terrifying data: heart disease is the most common cause of death with women and it’s an estimate that 1 in 4 women have this problem.  To be more frightening, the risk of having a heart disease is even 3 times greater than having breast cancer. But, from some unfamiliar reason, most of us think that heart disease happens with men only. This is why most women deny accepting the facts. You have to adopt some habits that will improve your hearts health and lower the risk from heart disease.

Exercise every day 

We all know how you’re busy, but this habit is the number one in having a healthy heart and good health in general. Woman of all ages, that are active every day 30-60 minutes have up to 46% less risk of having a heart attack. In a busy world it seems like a lot of time, but not only going to the gym is considered an exercise. You can start by walking more often, use the stairs instead of the elevator and stand instead of sitting while using public transportation. Experts recommend that you have a intense workout of at least 150 minutes a week, that is about 20 minutes a day. Running is the best workout for your heart. Alll of the other workouts ar also good, but running is the best. Numerous researches have shown that running, even with a slow tempo, will decrease your risk of having a heart attack for 45%.

Watch your mental health

Don’t ever underestimate the mental changes that are happening to you. Women under 55 that suffer from easy depression, have double the chances to get a heart attack than usual. If you feel that you suffer from depression, go see a doctor. Symptoms might be constant feel of sadness and hopeless that last more than 2 weeks, suicide thoughts, changes in you sleeping habits and a decrease in appetite.

Quit smoking

Smoking increases the risk of various diseases, not just lung cancer. It is proven that smoking can increase the risk of heart disease and strokes. Smokers have even 4 times more risk of having a heart failure. On top of that, women smokers have an extra 25% more risk than men smokers.

Have a healthy relationship

To be in a healthy relationship with your partner can have great benefits on your heart. One research has shown that emotional support can lower the risk of heart failure. Scientist have shown that healthy relationships, full of understanding and support decreases the level of the stress hormone, and it is proven that the stress hormone will increase the risk of a heart disease.



Be optimistic

This does not mean avoid all negativities in life, but just try to accept them with a great dose of optimism and good mood. That way you will lower the stress level and decrease your risk of heart failure.

Eat healthy food

Increase the income of fresh food in your daily diet. Fruit, vegetables, fat free proteins like fish, nuts and beans. Consume olive oil as often as you can. It will help you decrease the level f blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Eating healthy will decrease the risk of heart failure up to 30%.

Have sex often

It’s enough to have sex two times a week in order to decrease the level of blood pressure and stress, the 2 leading factors of heart disease. You don’t have to have an orgasm to feel the benefits, you just have to enjoy sex. Just the feeling of passion will increase the level of hormones that help you have better blood circulation.

Get enough quality sleep

Bad and not enough sleep will influence the health of the entire body in general, but especially your heart. One research has shown that insomnia increases the risk of a heart attack, and bad sleep increases the blood pressure, the leading factor of heart disease.



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