Hand Exercise In Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you’re dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, these exercises will help you maintain finger and joint flexibility. This simple workout will only take a few minutes, so why not try it?


Step 1

Use both hands to make fists, hold them tightly for about ten seconds. After doing so open your palms quickly and spread apart your fingers. Do this ten times in a row.

Step 2

Turn your wrists in a clockwise motion, so this about ten times with both wrists.

Step 3

Make clockwise motions with your thumbs next, ten times as before.

Step 4

Lifting your palm above your head Simply let it free-fall flick your wrists down and then the rest of your hand should come with it. Do this one about 20 times as it works out your whole hand instead of focusing on one particular part.

Step 5

Place your hands together and press them tightly against each other. Be sure to keep your elbows shoulder height, as if doing a meditation pose. Clench your fingers and separate the palms. In doing so gradually increase the distance between the joints in your fingers. Be sure to leave them clenched throughout the whole process though. Once finished return your palms to their original position and repeat this process at least ten times as well.

This simple workout will have your circulation improved dramatically and will even reduce swelling. This should be done quite a few times a day after hard labor or while sitting in front of your computer. Continually using your hands can wear them out it is best to make sure they stay strong as well as the rest of your body.

Source: Organichealth.co

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