This Is What Happens When You Smoke A Cigarette Right After Waking Up!

Many people have the habit of lighting up a cigarette as soon as they wake up, and not even have breakfast before they do that. These are the people that face the highest risk of developing lung cancer.

A group of American scientists conducted the study, which involved two and a half thousand active smokers. In the study they took blood samples, and all subjects completed a survey in which they were asked numerous questions about their life and smoking habits.


The results showed that 32 percent had their first cigarette in the first five minutes after waking up, 31 percent of the waited 6 – 30 minutes after they’ve opened their eyes, and 18 percent of the smokers had their cigarette after their morning coffee, something more than half an hour after waking up. Only 19 percent waited at least an hour before their first cigarette burn.

The participants who had a smoke as soon as they woke up had the highest level of side effects of the toxic substances in cigarettes, compared to those who did not smoke in the first 30 minutes. It was also found that this is habit especially harmful to older smokers.

Scientists warn that those who had their first cigarette burn so early have the greatest chance of developing long or oral cancer.

If people cannot give up cigarette completely, they should at least avoid smoking in the morning before they eat something and let their body wake up normally before shocking it with poisons. The body’s energy is fed in the morning, and should be allow a healthy and normal start of the day, not the poisoning cigarettes will give it.

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