Here Is a Complete List Of The Most Toxic Groceries And A Way To Get Rid of The Toxins

The EWG Association made a list of 50 groceries which are the most treated by pesticide. 

It is well known that, unfortunately, fresh fruit and vegetables which we usually buy are treated with pesticides, toxins which are harmful to our organism. The results from researches which was conducted by the American, non-profit, eco association EWG, and which are published every year, showed 48 groceries which are pesticide treated the most.

All of the fruits and vegetables before being tested was washed and peeled, which are regular precautions which ordinary buyer would do.

We bring you the list of the most toxic (first of the list has the greatest amount of pesticides and on the bottom are those with lower amount – showing that from 50 groceries on that list, avocado is the purest one):

toxic groceries

    1. Apples – from all of the tested examples, 99% were positive to pesticides, also they contain even 56 different kinds of various chemicals.
    2. Peaches – even 85,6% from different kinds of peaches on the market contains two or more kinds of pesticides with 57 kinds of various chemicals.
    3. Nectarine – every example from imported nectarine is positive on some kind of pesticide and 90,8% contained two or more kinds of pesticides.
    4. Strawberries – they contained 13 different kinds of pesticides.
    5. Grape – one example contained even 15 different kinds of pesticides.
    6. Celery – contaminated with 13 chemicals.
    7. Spinach – contains different combinations of pesticides.
    8. Sweet peppers – 69,4% of the tested peppers contained many different kinds of pesticides.
    9. Cucumbers – treated with even 68% of different pesticides.
    10. Cherry tomatoes – one example of this tomatoes is pollute with 13 diferent chemicals.
    11. Pea – one example is treated with 13 kinds of chemicals.
    12. Potato – potato with an average weight had more pesticides than any other food.
    13. Chili peppers also have great percentage of pesticides.
    14. Blueberries took the 14th place, while avocado is the “purest”. Only 1% of all of the tested kinds of avocado on the market showed traces of poisonous chemicals says

Very small amount of pesticides was found in cabbage, onion, asparagus, eggplant and cauliflower.

However, as scientist recommend, you shouldn’t give up consummation of these groceries because theirs nutritive value is still important.

In order to make easier this fight with pesticide and save yourself from these harmful effects we bring you trick which will help you clean groceries. All you need is vinegar and water.

Put water and half cup of vinegar in a big bowl. Then put this mixture on your fruit or vegetable. Leave it for 15 min and then wash it thoroughly. The vinegar will neutralize 98% of the bacteria and pesticides which may be found in fresh groceries. After this procedure you can be sure that everything you eat is good for your health.

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