Here’s A List Of Things You Should Throw Out Of Your House – Immediately!

A large number of products which are in every household have negative impact on health especially if used frequently. In order to avoid the negative consequences, we should get rid of them as soon as possible.

old shoes

We are all prone to overload our homes with all sorts of commercial products, while we have no idea what are they actually doing to us and our family. No matter if you feel that some of these things are necessary it is better that you do not have them and especially not to hold them close to your children because they are detrimental to health.

Given that health is priceless, it’s time for a cleanup that will get rid of these dangerous items in your home.

Antibacterial soap
One of the basic ingredients of antibacterial soaps is triclosan, which has been shown to negatively affect the hormones, causing damage to the thyroid gland and is associated with many infections and contributes to resistance to antibiotics. In doing so there is no evidence that they are more effective than regular soap which with proper use will preserve the hygiene of your hands without harmful consequences.
Microwave popcorn
Despite the tempting taste you should be aware of the fact that the popcorn is extremely dangerous and contains some of the most harmful chemicals including carcinogenic ones. Popcorn itself is not harmful if it comes to those that are organically grown. However, this is what popcorn in the microwave should be avoided.

Dangerous chemicals
Surely you’re convinced that you don’t have something in your environment. However resources in areas such as oven cleaners, as well as sprays and powders against various insects and how these are toxic and should be avoided. There are products on a natural basis which are close substitutes and although expensive it is worthwhile to use them because it will preserve your health.

Clothing that is not ironed

The idea of the clothes that you do not have to iron every time you leave home sounds great. However, this clothing contains formaldehyde which in addition to providing clothing to stay crease-free, at the same time can cause a variety of diseases, even serious ones such as cancer. For the sake of your own health we advise you however push on and take iron in hand.

Air refreshers

Whether it is a refresher spray or those who are involved in the supply harmful effects on health are great. Believe it or not they contain a range of chemicals that pollute the air and cause allergies, hormonal disorders, asthma and even cancer. It’s safer and cheaper solution to open a window and refresh the room where you are staying.

Cookware with non-stick bottom

Easy cleaning of the dishes has led to its massive use so it become important tool in every kitchen without which we cannot cook. However, it should give up the purchase of such pots and pans because they contain carcinogenic substances following prolonged use can cause serious health problems.
Plastic containers

Inspect plastic containers for food storage you have and discard those that are made from pure, solid plastic that the label contains 7 or “PC” (polycarbonate), because these plastic containers may contain bisphenol A. In recent years, the western producers more do not use these substances, but the older generation plastics or the one purchased from not trusted sources certainly contains them.

Old snickers

After every 500 to 650 kilometers you should replace running shoes warns physiologist Jason Karp. So if someone runs 50 kilometers a week running shoes should be changed after three months. When the shoes are worn for too long the pads get tinner and pain in muscles and bones may appear because of the less material that softens the place where the feet touch the ground. If you do not run sneakers be replaced every six months.

Old toothbrushes

If you wash your teeth in the morning and evening as it should than the brush bristles wear out faster. They are starting to wear out after only two months which means that the brush should be thrown after three months of use. Blooming brushes are less effective so if you continue using them they help tooth decay.

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