High Blood Cholesterol – The Silent Killer: Natural Remedies for Lowering The Triglycerides in Your Blood Stream

This type of health condition, or we can also call it disorder in our organism – high blood cholesterol, doesn’t show any signs or symptoms of its presence, but it can cause heart attack or even stroke, which often result in death! We can keep this health problem under control with these simple, but yet effective methods: proper and healthy diet, herbal treatments, and regular medical controls. These useful methods will help you keep this “silent” disease under control.

High cholesterol levels and increased number of triglycerides in your blood stream, as well as reduced levels of HDL (good cholesterol) are one of the leading causes of deaths in the whole world. This type of disorder or health problem is called hyperlipidemia. Before, medical experts thought that this type of health problem is related with age, but they were wrong. Today many young people suffer from this condition, primarily as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Usually, hyperlipidemia is a genetic disorder and it’s manifested by increased production and reduced breakdown of triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol and irregular breakdown of HDL (good) cholesterol.

Secondary hyperlipidemia usually appears as a result of certain diseases, such as: diabetes, renal failure, decreased function of the thyroid gland, liver cirrhosis. We can also say that these, unhealthy, habits are often a reason for this condition as well: excessive use of alcohol, industrial foods loaded with unhealthy fats, foods rich in saturated fats, sugar, trans fatty acids (margarine). Some medical drugs and pills, such as: beta blockers, corticosteroids, birth control pills and some diuretics, and reduced physical activity can significantly increase the risk of hyperlipidemia.

The Side effects of Hyperlipidemia

The high cholesterol levels in our blood stream don’t have any visual warning signs or any type of early symptoms. That’s why we can say that this health problem is a type of “silent killer” disease. It’s only revealed with medical check-up or when it causes some serious and bad side effects. This is why we highly recommend a regular check-up and blood analysis at the doctor’s office, at least twice a year, so you could prevent and stop this terrible disease from getting any worse.

Atherosclerosis (blood vessels clogging) is the most common and the most serious side effect of hyperlipidemia. This condition is the main cause of many terrible diseases, such as: angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke and peripheral artery disease. Besides that, increased levels of triglycerides in your blood can lead to acute pancreatitis – a dangerous and life threatening condition. Increased levels of LDL cholesterol can lead to xanthoma – buildup of fatty deposits under your skin in the tendons of the elbow, knee and wrist area, while increased levels of triglycerides in your blood can lead to xanthoma on the trunk, back, knees, hands and feet, which often break.

This type of disorder is diagnosed in a very simple and easy way – laboratory analysis. This type of analysis determines the levels of cholesterol in your blood stream. Routine lipid control check involves these measurements: levels of total cholesterol, levels of LDL, levels of HDL and levels of triglycerides. The total cholesterol is considered to be high it it’s greater that 6.28 mg / dL, triglycerides should not exceed the 2.28 mg / dL, while LDL should not be greater than 4.11 mmol / l. good cholesterol (HDL) must be greater than 1.03 mmol / l, because otherwise it will increase the risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

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Prevention, treatment and nutrition

The prevention process is crucial in this type of condition. Physical activity, healthy diet with low amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol, you should avoid stress situations by any cost, don’t consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes, maintain good body weight. These are some of the main preconditions for a good health and to maintain healthy heart and clean blood vessels. But, if you are diagnosed with this type of condition, you are advised to make big changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. Your doctor may prescribe drugs from the lipostatina group. These types of medications can prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in your blood stream, but if you suffer from hypertension, then your doctor will prescribe you drugs for lowering the blood pressure. If hyperlipidemia was caused by any other disease, then we need to focus on its proper treatment.

The modern way of life has completely changed the people’s eating habits: the meals are consumed “with legs” and the menus is loaded with canned and fatty ingredients, industrial and “fast” food, products made from white flour and refined sugar, with some artificial additives as well. And, when you add smoking and excessive use of alcohol to that, it’s quite obvious why people are suffering from many different diseases nowadays, including hyperlipidemia.

In order to prevent and treat this condition in the best way possible, you need to throw away all the unhealthy foods, such as: margarine, butter, fatty cheeses, and processed meats, fried and breaded meat, and other animal foods and limit the consumption of eggs and salt. Your healthy menu should be based on legumes, fish, fruits, fresh and boiled vegetables, whole grains, whole wheat products, flax seeds, sesame and pumpkin seeds, cold pressed olive oil, etc. You should replace the dairy products with tofu – fermented soy product that is suitable for making all kinds of spreads, sauces and creams. We can also say that it has been found that raw onion may increase the levels of good cholesterol, while if it’s cooked – it will lose its healing properties.

Herbal Recipes

Artichoke tea

Pour 1 liter of water over 20 grams of dried artichoke leaves and cook them for 10 minutes. When it’s done, you need to strain the liquid and drink 3 cups per day.

Onion therapy

Slice the onion in few pieces, or just cut it in half and put it in 1.5 deciliters of water and let it sit overnight. The next morning, throw away the onion, and drink the water on empty stomach. You need to repeat this healing method for 40 days.

Agrimony (Hemp) Tea

Take 3 tablespoons of chopped agrimony and pour ½ liter of boiling water over it. Let it sit overnight. You need to strain it in the next morning and drink from this tea, 3 times every day, 30 minutes before main meals. You should repeat this therapy for at least 3 months.

Seed mixture

You need to mix 100 grams of each: oat flakes, sesame seeds (ground), flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, 50 grams of coconut powder and a pinch of cinnamon. Put all the ingredients in a jar and close it up tightly. You need to keep the jar in a refrigerator. You should consume from this healthy seed mix every day, in the morning. Mix 2 tablespoons of this mix with your favorite yogurt or juice. Enjoy.

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