High-Quality Diet: 8 Rules You Did Not Know

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Never skip breakfast. Pay attention to your portion size. Although quite well you know the basics of a healthy diet, there are also some lesser known guidelines that can help you get rid of extra pounds. Well, here are eight small tips that you probably have not heard.


Whole grains are not always better

If you consume whole grain bread instead of white variants, you are doing yourself a huge favor – whole grains reduce the risk of heart disease, and are excellent for overall health. But, keep in mind that you should look at the composition of foods that are made from whole grains. For example, certain types of whole grain products can be very caloric: Integral sweetened flakes still contain sugar and integral cookie is still a cookie! So, if you want to incorporate whole grains into your daily diet, then do it it right: always consume unsweetened cereal, brown rice and whole meal pasta.

whole grain bread

Skip the fresh products – sometimes

The longer fresh foods are left standing the more nutrients they lose. So, broccoli and berries, for example, it is better to buy frozen when they are not in season. In this way it preserves the nutrients and usually makes them very tasty.


Choose fatty salad dressing

Yes, you read that right. Research shows that your body needs a little fat from salads in order best absorb them. Of course, do not overdo it. You can always make your own salad dressing: olive oil, vinegar, mustard and a little salt. Almost within three minutes.

fresh products

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