How healthy is it to eat raw eggs?

When eggs are cooked, you provide your body to use the biotin from the egg yolks.

Eggs are a rather healthy product because of all the compounds that they have that are important for the entire body, such as selen, iodine, phosphorus vitamins A, B2, B5, B12, E, D and K. But how healthy is it to eat raw, uncooked eggs?

You’ll see a lot of people eating raw eggs because some of their nutrients are much lower when cooked. But, cooking them can make other nutrients much more useful and easier to absorb. Now the question stands on which ones you need and how will it better suit you to eat your eggs.

cooked egg

Cooked eggs are much lower in 3 vitamins and those are vitamins C, B6 and B9. Research has shown that protein is best absorbed from cooked eggs especially boiled ones.

Nevertheless, a thing to consider is salmonella, which can be present in raw eggs with suspicious quality. Risk of getting salmonella is the highest with kids and pregnant women.

So, raw eggs are a part of every healthy diet and experts recommend that you have them under cooked so you can have the best of all the nutrients they contain.

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