How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally?

The Mayo Clinic believes that dark circles are caused due to many reasons. It is caused due to the smudging of pigmentation. Irrespective of how old you are, dark circles can appear on both men and women. Doctors believe that dark circles can be caused due to the collection of veins and fluid underneath the eye. This can usually result in a shadowy appearance and bring down your self-esteem. With this being said, how will you get rid of dark circles naturally? Here are a few remedies against this common problem.

remove dark circles naturally

Method #1- Saline Washes

Firstly, you can use Saline wash to get rid of eye discoloration. In many cases, nasal congestion can darken the layer beneath your eye. By using homemade saltwater, you can alleviate dark circles effortlessly. The foremost solution involves ¼ teaspoon of salt water and 2 cups of warm water. Use a neti pot to rinse the surface below your eye.

Method #2 – Pistachios

Secondly, you can use Pistachios. “Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet” (a famous book), states that dark circles can be removed using pistachio nuts. Add few drops of cold milk mixed with pistachio nuts around your eye. Let the paste rest underneath your eye for few minutes. Now, wash it off thoroughly using clean water. Repeat this treatment for at least two weeks to see visible results.

Method #3 – Sleep

Have you ever wondered how helpful seven hours of uninterrupted sleep can be? A good night’s sleep can do wonders in your body! According to experts, lack of sleep can lead to pale skin and hollow-shallow eyes. As you follow an imbalanced lifestyle with very little sleep, your dark circles will become very prominent. To reduce the visibility of dark circles you should sleep at an elevated level, with several fluffy pillows.

Method #4 – Cold Water Compresses

Likewise, you can make use of cold-water compresses. This is a less known remedy against dark circles. Cold water compresses with cucumber slices, wet tea bags and chilled spoons can discolor your skin drastically. “Go ask Alice” (a website) recommends busy workers with strong dark circles to use cold-water compresses frequently.

Method #5 – Over the Counter Medication

Last but certainly not least, allergies can cause puffiness and dark spots. Many people consider allergies as a major toll on the skin (especially sensitive regions underneath the eyes). If you are prone to allergies, opt for over-the-counter medications to witness immediate relief.

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