How to perform detox every day

The idea of detoxifying does not have to be scary! Actually it is very easy to perform detoxification each day, if you only pay a little attention to how you treat your body during the day. We have selected the most basic and also very simple tricks with which you can perform detoxification every day, without changing your daily routine too much.


Drink hot water with lemon

Start each day by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning before breakfast. This will achieve the desired hydration of the body, and the lemon will balance the pH of your body and also encourage healthy digestion. It will give you your daily dose f vitamin C and keep you full of energy throughout the day.



Besides the fact that your workout at the gym will help you lose some weight, it will also help your body to sweat and expel all unwanted toxins that way. Therefore try to find time each day for some form of physical activity due to which you will throw out the toxins from your body.



Eat a healthy diet


The most important way to having a healthy body and detoxification is proper nutrition. Be careful what you enter into your body and try it to be mostly fresh foods, rich in vitamins and minerals, and fiber. It would be best if you can eat as more fresh fruits and vegetables, because they help your liver and kidneys to solve the toxins from your body.



Yoga movements, twists and stretches run your entire body! You do not even need to practice in a group, just look on the internet for some of the basic moves that you can apply at home.


Green tea

Cut out coffee from your daily routine and get used to drink green tea. You will have a detox every day, while enjoying the taste of hot tea.

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