How To Protect Yourself from Cell phone Radiation Using This One Simple Thing

In modern society everyone owns and uses cell phones. They have become exquisitely important gadgets for us and we can’t imagine our day without using them. But the thing what we don’t know and is very important is that they emit radiation which is very harmful for our body. Fortunately there is a natural way to protect from the bad effects which radiation has.

This is an amazing drink which is easy to prepare and consume an it will protect you from radiation. It is rosemary based and really helpful of you need to get rid of all of the toxins from your body. You might be surprised and ask why rosemary but we have the answer to that. A study which was published in British Journal of Radiology explains that rosemary contains carnosic and canosol acids which are great in the fight against radiation.

protect yourself from cellphone

Bellow we present you the way how you can prepare this drink at the comfort of your home.


  • 1 cup of boiled water
  • 2 tbsp of chopped rosemary leafs

Process of preparation:

Boil the water and then remove it from the stove. Pour it in a cup and then add the rosemary leafs. Cover it and wait for 10-15 min to cool down. Consume it while still fresh. Also you may inhale the steam from this drink because it is healthy for the lungs and the whole organism. If you like also you may add rosemary oil in your diet.

Source: Organic Health

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