Just 1 Tablespoon From This Mixture In The Morning Will Make You Forget about Colds And Flu!

Tasty and delicious is the shortest definition we can add to this homemade perfection, which is made by honey, with some sesame. The grinded sesame is used for making sesame tahini, and even though it’s been considered to be high in calories, people use it in their healthy diets.

sasme tahini

For better effect, it’s recommended to consume it on empty stomach. The sesame tahini is a perfect source of vitamins and minerals. It’s rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper and phosphorus. Another good thing about it is that it’s rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This product is great source of essential amino acids and vitamins, such as E, A and B.

The combination of sesame and honey is perfect for boosting your immune system, they strengthen you skeletal muscular system, stimulate your mental activity and physical endurance. They are good for treating constipation, stomach diseases. It also helps to reduce your appetite, so you won’t eat too much cakes and other sweet food. It’s highly recommended for treating colitis, gastritis and ulcer.

How to make homemade sesame tahini with honey (RECIPE):

 It’s very simple to make. Just add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of sesame tahini into a bowl and mix. Mix until you get a nice even mixture.