Just Rub Mustard on Your Feet And Get Rid of Cold and Flu in a Day!

Many people know that the mustard seeds are highly beneficial and effective in relieving back pain, joint pain and other health problems. But, did you know that mustard seeds are extremely useful in fighting off the cold and flu symptoms.

If you can’t find these types of seeds, you can use other similar product, which is made out of them, and that is the all-natural mustard. All you have to do is rub some mustard on your feet and after that wrap your feet in some piece of cloth. After that, you should put on some socks, lie down and keep them on as much as you can. After you remove this remedy of your feet, you should walk for a bit, to improve the blood flow in your feet. You should use this remedy at night time, before going to bed, and if it’s necessary – you should do this method few nights in a row.

You will notice the great results, just after one week of using this homemade remedy. And the cold symptoms will disappear. We really hope you enjoyed this post and make sure you share it with your friends and family.