Did You Know: Three Out Of Four Doctors Would Never Prescribe Chemo For Themselves Or Their Family, But They Are Forcing It To Others!

Could it be a coincidence that 75% of doctors who refuse chemotherapy for themselves and members of their families, still prescribe chemotherapy for 75% of their patients?

Doctors used to think that if sick people bled they would clean the “evil” of infection or disease out of the body, but the whole effect of this was the sick person becoming even worse, could not fight what she was attacked by and the body was likely to lose the battle for life, in less time.

Many people who have “died of cancer” actually died from treatment that included chemotherapy or radiation. Chemotherapy kills healthy cells of the body before they destroy the cancer.

the great deception

Most patients who have “died of cancer” actually have died from malnutrition, because cancerous cells take nutrients from the blood and destroy the immune system, so the body is weakened organism. Food is transported by blood so the killing of blood cells has the organism even more endangered. In addition, chemotherapy destroys the cells of the intestine and mouth, so after the whole torture the body ceases to crave for food.

This information is well known to doctors and scientists, but because of their contracts with pharmaceutical companies they are not allowed to publish.

Surveys and questionnaires show a shocking fact that three out of four doctors and scientists refuse chemotherapy for themselves because of the devastating effects on the entire body and the immune system, and due to the extremely low success rates. Also, only 2-4% of all cancers respond to chemotherapy or “life extension”, but it is still widely prescribed for any type of cancer.

The surveys were conducted by researchers at the McGill Centre for Cancer examining 118 physicians, specialists in cancer. They were asked to imagine that doctors have cancer and to choose between six different “experimental” treatments. These doctors did not only deny chemotherapy as a choice, but said they would not even let their family members go through it! What does that say about their true opinion about this archaic method?

These surveys have a profound impact on the general public opinion about chemotherapy in most Western societies, especially in America, where it is used more than anywhere else. The growing lack of confidence by patients and a growing shift toward natural remedies, like the kind of healing process from the beginning of the 20th century, before the bloom of corrupt medicine, drugs and radiation.

Great levels of toxicity are actually the last thing any human being needs to fight infection, disease or pneumonia.

Auto-immune disorders usually occur when people consume chemicals from food, drinking water, vaccines, artificial sweeteners and from the contaminated environment. Chemotherapy fills the body with terrible poisons, and doctors and scientists know this, but because the FDA prohibits doctors from suggesting or prescribing vitamins, supplements, herbs and super-food, chemical therapy isal tumors that occur in the colon, lung and breast, as documented in the past decade, but doctors still somehow pushed chemotherapy for the treatment of tumors and malignant growths in these parts of the body.

In the best case, chemotherapy should be considered an alternative treatment, but for more than 70 years medicine distorts public perception of real medicine, so if you happen to get cancer and your doctor tells you what to do, you can ask them if they would prescribe the same treatment for themselves or a member of their family.

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