Do You Know You’re Eating Wood? These Are The Manufacturers That Are Feeding It To You

Cellulose is a composing part of wood that is obtained and processed from wood in different forms, cellulose rubber, microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose powder and so on.

Cellulose is used by Pepsi, Kellogg and Weight Watchers International, and many others, that we’re not even aware. A recent lawsuit against Taco Bell has prompted questions about the quality of food that Americans and the rest of the world is buying from the US food industries. With this lawsuit the public finally learned that the world’s leading companies are using cellulose to improve their products and reduce the cost of supply because cellulose is much cheaper than meat. However, it is also found in ice cream, frozen dough products and the like.



We bring you a list of the names of the original products and companies that have you eating wood. Trust me, it will scare you.

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