Kraft Is Recalling A Huge Amount of Contaminated Macaroni & Cheese Which May Cause Tumors

Kraft’s macaroni and cheese is a favorite dinner dish to millions in the USA. Easy and delicious,  both for the parents and the kids, but we have some bad news about it. Allegedly, a huge amount of mac and cheese has been withdrawn from the market under the suspicion that it is contaminated with tumor causing metals.

kraft recalling mac and cheese

Boxes that were sold in USA, Puerto Rico, Caribbean and South American Counties and dated between September 18 and October 11, 2015 were withdrawn from the market because they were manufactured in a factory where a serious contamination occurred.

The company received 8 complaints about different sizes of boxes and decided to examine the case. After the examination it was established that they are harmful for the humane organism and they were withdrawn from the market.

Another reason why you should avoid this crafted diner is due to the colors they use in order the macaroni to have that recognizable yellow color. It was discovered that those colors contain benzidene and other chemicals which may cause cancer. Also they dyes may cause hypersensitivity, mutations, changes in the cells and even cancer. In a study from 2012 it was concluded that all of the dyes which are currently used in the food production are artificial and should be changed with other more natural.

So next time when you decide to buy mac and cheese double check the date and the company which produces them.


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