Learn how to fight flatulence and improve your digestion – the natural way

Learn how you can solve flatulence in a healthy and natural way, without going to a pharmacy. When we say remedy against flatulence, we mean habits and useful tips that you can listen to and change your daily routine and you will solve the problem of flatulence.

The problems of bloating and gas commonly occur due to lack of chewed food, as well as certain foods rich in carbohydrates and lactose. However, there is a potion that will solve your problems.

Many spices and herbs make digestion easier, and people who have these problems are recommended to use them frequently. However, the greatest impacts on reducing these problems have so-called carminative, plants that are rich in essential oils, which have a beneficial effect on digestion. They encourage the creation of enzymes that facilitate digestion, and among them are the spices like ginger, anise, mint and thyme.

In order to reinforce their soothing effect, they must be combined with chamomile or dandelion, and if you add them to a yogurt with probiotics, along with a slice of pineapple, which is rich in enzymes, you’ll make a potion that will promote it easier digestion and freshen your day. Here’s a recipe that will get you rid of all digestive problems.


– 1 cup of cold chamomile tea and dandelion.

– 1 cup of strawberries

– 1 cup pineapple chunks

– 1 yogurt with probiotic bacteria

– 1 teaspoon of honey

– 1 cup ice cubes


Put all ingredients in blender and wait until it is well combined. After that, pour into a glass and enjoy a refreshing beverage.


Tea carminative

Prepare a stronger tea of chamomile or mint, add some honey and lemon and sip slowly. Also use ginger root. Several rings (4 to 6) of this root put in 300 ml of preheated water. Leave covered for 10 minutes. Sweeten with honey and drink before or after meals to improve digestion.


Kim carminative

Seeds of caraway are effective against bloating and gas. You can eat a tablespoon of seeds or make crackers with caraway seeds and eat them whenever you feel discomfort and digestive problems.


Seeds of anise

With these seeds relax the digestive tract, which is of great help against cramps and gas. It looks relaxing and relieves you of gases.



Pumpkin season is almost here. Use them now or save it for the winter, and eat whenever you feel bloating. One cup of baked or boiled pumpkin a day is enough to win and dispel gas and indigestion and sensitive digestive organs.


Hot water with lemon

In the morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of warm water with lemon. This drink is a healthy challenge for you, and with it, an excellent digestion and weight loss aid. Put one to two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice diluted in a cup of warm water and drink slowly before breakfast.


Baking soda and lemon

Squeeze the juice from one lemon and place it in a cup and add a teaspoon of baking soda. The mixture will begin to create foam. Add a little more baking soda, and pour water into the cup. Mix well till the soda completely dissolves. Sip this liquid slowly and soon you will feel relief.


Activated charcoal

Although it is not known why, activated charcoal has helped many people who have had problems with gas. There are in sale as capsules, tablets and charcoal powder. Talk to your doctor before using active coal.


Try the garlic soup or cook a special “tea”. Grate the garlic and cook it in water for a few minutes, and then add a little pepper and caraway seeds. Allow to lap up briefly, then strain. Allow to cool to room temperature, and drink two to three times per day.

Food and Exercise

It is important, of course, to eat healthy, but not all healthy foods are good for digestion. For instance, beans and broccoli can cause gas. Eat smaller meals more times a day and chew well. Never eat in a hurry. Try to workout at least twice a week for 15 minutes.


Natural cure for flatulence

If you often swell and suffer from the problem that causes stomach bloating, this is a simple, but very effective prescription that will solve your problem.

To prepare this drink you need half a small pineapple, half a head or two stalks of fennel, 2 stalks celery with leaves, a piece of ginger root of 2 to 3 cm.



Mix all ingredients in a blender. Add water as needed. Drink on an empty stomach while symptoms persist or as many days as it takes to solve this problem.


Pineapple contains enzymes that help digestion. Celery prevents water retention and prevents belching. Fennel and ginger affect the restoration of intestinal flora. All together a combination that can help the bloated stomach, and digestive problems.


Gentle abdominal massage will help you relax your stomach and improve digestion. Do this lying down and during that time don’t anything which makes you feel uncomfortable. Slow, deep breathing will also be helpful.



Digestive problems may be due to stress. This is why we feel pain in our stomach, because the digestive system is very sensitive to stress hormones. So, drop the ball, remember all those councils to relax and try to apply them.



Close your mouth


While you eat do not talk! It not only is a bad habit, but also swallow air, which contributes to the feeling of bloating.


Sparkling beverages

The bubbles in drinks cause gas formation in the stomach and lead to bloating, says nutritionist Juliette Kelo. But that does not mean you should not enjoy the drinks. Let your choice be natural juices when you are at home and when you go out, drink wine or fruit juice.


Tight jeans

If you have a problem with flatulence worst thing you can do is to wear skintight jeans. However, as women often choose them, at least try to follow the other advices.



Note the fibers! Intake foods that are rich in them, because fiber helps to prevent constipation, the main causes of bloating.



Drink two liters of soft drinks a day and non sparkling. If you drink alcohol then between each sip drink something non-alcoholic. Water stimulates the kidneys, so they don’t really have to work to bring out the excess salt and water.


Little and often

Consuming large portions of food is a trigger for bloating. There is no reason for overeating. Prefer smaller portions, more times during the day.




Do not skip breakfast. If lunch is your first meal, you will be tempted to overeat.



Family walk

Make a habit of going for a walk with the whole family after lunch or dinner. This will contribute to better digestion.

Working out

Active exercise will raise your energy level which. Therefore, working out is recommendable in the case of bad digestion.



If insufficient sleep leads to stress, and on to flatulence, so it works like you are in a vicious circle.


Avoid wheat

Wheat flour leads to bloating, although not for everyone, because stomachs react differently to different foods. Try the alternative foods and track whether your belly swells less.


Certain foods

It’s no secret that certain foods cause flatulence and unpleasant gases. It is beans, peas … Avoid them when possible.



Every mouthful should be chewed at least thirty times seriously. Not only does it act ugly when we see someone devouring food, but in this way the digestive system does not have a chance to digest everything we put in ourselves, and that is the inevitable bloating, especially after a heavy meal.


Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are due to the fiber, necessary for the health of the digestive system. Whatever you eat or drink during the day, have a snack is a fruit or vegetable

Moderate beer

In this drink there’s all that you don’t need – bubbles and grains.



Avoid chewing gum  

If your stomach inflates easily, do not chew gum. Chewing is swallowing more air, which leads to bloating.


Drink mint tea

Drink a cup of tea after a meal. This will help the bowel muscles to relax and digest food better.


Do not drink during meals

As much as it is important that during the day you drink plenty of fluids, do not consume them during a meal. Drinking during meals presses food too fast and thus dilutes the good bacteria and prevent them from helping the body to digest food well.

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