How to lose those last stubborn 5 pounds

There are many reasons why, in a period of dieting, we stop losing weight, and we can never get rid of those 5 more pounds we need to lose. Fortunately, there is a solution for losing those last five pounds that gives us so much trouble.


Look at all of the, more or less difficult ways, you can lose the last five pounds during your diet.


Calculate the number of calories that you enter

If you want to lose the last five pounds, it is very important to properly chose your food and keep a diary so that you have an insight on how many calories you daily. Many of us relax a bit during a diet, especially when you look lean already, which is why it is very important that you follow the prescribed diet and don’t get of your course till you’ve reached your goal.


Perform weight loss workouts

Exercise is an important part of every diet, so it is very important to work out if you want to lose those last five pounds. Training for weight loss is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, so make sure that during the diet you choose an appropriate routine.


Eat more protein

Fibers are extremely nutritious, but you should incorporate into your diet a certain amount of protein if you want to lose the last five pounds. Proteins that are found in vegetables such as beans, should definitely be  on your menu during a diet, but also a low-fat Greek yogurt, fish and eggs are equally healthy and a good choice.


Change the types of exercises you do often

Once your body gets used to a routine, the process of weight loss slows down considerably. Therefore, it is good to a certain period of time to change the exercises you do, so you will be able to help your weight loss. Try with interval training, because you can achieve truly great results with those types of workouts.


Drink more water

We are sure you all know the importance of water, so this drink is never enough. In addition, the more salt into the organism, the more important it is to consume more water to make the very process of weight loss easier.




If you do not rest well every day, the process of weight loss can be slowed down. If you want to lose the last five pounds, you need to sleep eight hours a day with quality sleep, because sleep quality affects the weight loss process a lot.


Cut out processed foods from your diet

If during your diet you do not achieve the desired results, it may mean that we should change something in your diet. Eat only healthy foods and say goodbye to those treated foods, and also stay away from foods that in have a certain percentage of alcohol in them, a minimum of a week or two.


Keep up with your set goals

When you want to lose the last five pounds, it is very important to stay persistent in it. Many women, when they lose a certain number of pounds, often give up on further keeping track, and this is the worst thing you can do to your body.


Be focused on losing weight

Many changes to your body may lead to the fact that you can not lose the desired pounds. This may largely have to do with your age, because with aging the level of fat in our body increases, so it is very important that you stay focused on losing weight till the end.

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