How to lose weight while sleeping ?

Did you know that you can lose weight while sleeping? After a good workout your body has spend a certain amount of calories, but depending on your workout and your habits your body will continue to burn calories while resting and even while sleeping. Best workouts to continue burning calories while resting are a composition of 80% resistance workout and 20% cardio so that you can build lean muscles that will feed on calories throughout the whole day.

In addition to the training, here are some tricks that will speed up the calorie burn and make you lose fat while sleeping!!!


Late training

Forget morning stretching exercises. It is time to change tactics. Instead exercises early in the morning, start doing some exercise late at night before going to bed. Late exercises will speed up metabolism and thus help lose some weight while you sleep.


Cold shower

One study showed that a 30 seconds shower with cold water activates the body and burns fat and almost 400 calories even when you sleep.


Green tea

Flavonoids from green tea boost metabolism, so if during the day you drink more than three glasses, it will help burn an additional 3.5 percent of calories at night.

lose weight while sleep

Take a nap

Study of Internal Medicine found that only 16 minutes of sleep during the day can improve metabolism. By increasing sleep you will reduce ghrelin enzymes that stimulate appetite and increase the level of leptin, which serves to control appetite throughout the day.


So make sure you try these simple habits and help your body burn calories 24 hrs a day.

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