Make Sure You Throw Out These Silent Killers from Your Home

Vanilla, chocolate, apple and cinnamon are the scents of various nice smelling candles or air fresheners. But the question remains, these products are safe to use? New study has confirmed: These products are dangerous for your health!

The results that came out of the newest research have shown that some regular products, like scented candles and all kinds of air fresheners can be very dangerous for our health. Researchers discovered that long-term exposing to these kinds of products can lead to the tumor development, lung problems and it can cause asthma. And that’s not the only problem; their chemical composition can transform the structure of your DNA.

scented candles

If you’re one of those persons who wish to enjoy in the nice and fresh essence that scent candles do, you’ll be shocked by the fact that that scent from the candles can cause carcinogenic mutations of the DNA. Chemicals that are contained in these candles can seriously harm your lungs and cause serious problems. Also, these scents are toxic; for example, even more tobacco products.

Air fresheners can be linked with asthma problems and they can also cause problems for the hormones. A research has shown that fresheners can contain high levels of formaldehyde, which can cause throat and nose cancer.

The research that was conducted by the International Magazine of Public Health in 2013 showed that pregnant women who were exposed to air fresheners gave birth to children who were more likely to get lung infections.

But, the manufacturer SC Јоhnsоn that produces the air fresheners “Glade” claims that their products are completely harmless for people’s health. Who can be sure in that? Many organizations that research the influence of certain products on our health, warn us that we shouldn’t rely on that kind of statements.

Researches show that we shouldn’t use most of the scent candles because they’re dangerous for the health.

Is that enough for you to stop buying scent candles and air fresheners, or you still going to use them, even though they are dangerous for your health?