This Miracle Drink Will Speed Up Your Metabolism Refresh Your Whole Body!

Explaining the benefits of green tea is getting old! This time we give you a recipe for a drink that will boost your metabolism and cleanse the body, and it will be great for those trying to lose weight.

Just a cup of green tea a day improves metabolism by 12%, but it is not the only thing this tea is good at; it also helps regulate blood sugar, helps mental health, reduces the risk of heart attack, raises immunity, protects against various types of tumors.

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  1. First prepare 1l of green tea: Heat water to 80 degrees Celsius, remove from the heat and add 5 bags of green tea. Leave the bags for 3 minutes or as long as advised by the manufacturer. Allow it to cool off. Wash one orange well with cold water, then cut it into slices, unpeeled (or peeled, but leave the white part of the peel).
  2. In the empty jar of 1 liter pour the chilled green tea, add orange slices and a handful of fresh mint. Close the jar and leave in the fridge overnight so the ingredients are well combined. This amount is enough for two people during the next day, ie. Half a liter per person. Drink one cup before each meal. The fight against excess weight will be much easier with this drink!

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