Miracle Home Made Stain Remover! Make it yourself!

The recipe is very simple. Because everything that is brilliant, is actually very simple and accessible, at your fingertips. Removes stains of different origins, and can compete with the most expensive purchased detergents with the same purpose. But, most importantly – without any chemicals, which often cause allergic reactions on the skin of children and adults. How often do we look for a universal stain remover, not knowing that we can make one with our own two hands.

miracle stain remover

The recipe is very simple. And to prepare the homemade stain remover you will need only three ingredients: water, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen 3%).

Homemade stain remover.

Here Is The Recipe:

  • 1 cup of hot (boiling) water
  • half a cup of baking soda
  • half a glass of hydrogen (3%). Best to buy at the pharmacy.

Pour boiling water on the baking soda. Wait for it to cool down and for the baking soda to totally dissolve and add hydrogen. Mix everything well and pour into a spray. You just made a stain remover!

And now try to remove the stains. Spray it and leave it for a few hours. If the stains are older stains wet your garment in the stain remover and leave it in it overnight.

I was sorry when I saw a stain on this shirt after I washed it. I don’t even remember what caused it, but it can’t be washed. I sprayed the stain remover on the stain and I left it for half a day. Here are the results. The shirts color turned out a bit different on the picture (but it’s the same shirt), and the stainalmost disappeared. I think that if I sank the shirt in the stain remover, the stain would have completely disappeared.

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