Mom Applies This Remedy To Her Baby. Shortly After He Dies. Be Careful With This, Moms!

This is a warning message for all parents around the world – you should be very careful, because this mother applied this remedy on her baby and shortly after her baby died. Just take a look at the article below and find out more about this.

Ladies and gentlemen, this might be hard for you to believe, because many of us use Vicks VapoRub all the time. Well, it seems like a harmless ointment, effective for fever, nasal congestion, and many other affections. And, many people can look back on those sick times from their childhood and remember using a bit of Vick’s VapoRub to help with the coughs and any congestion, but it turns out that may not have been the best idea we ever had.

This is how the story goes – one mother from Mexico wanted to share her story and we thought you should hear about it, because no one would ever guess what happened to her. What actually happened – well, she came home from work one day and noticed her 2-year-old toddler had a bit of a fever when she got close to him. Figuring it was something simple like the common cold (it usually is) she opted for a little home remedy versus heading in to a doctor’s office. So, she decided to rub some Vick’s on his chest, under his nose and on his back to help break up the mucus. Since she had just gotten home from work she herself was a bit exhausted so the two passed out side by side, the mother just never expected it to be the last time she would get that chance.

Many people around the world think that Vicks VapoRub is great for clearing out congestion in adults, which is true. But, did you know that this ingredient increases the mucus production by 60% in children? This is really shocking! So, her baby suffocated right beside her while they slept. She immediately grabbed her child’s body and took him to a hospital where doctors confirmed it, the camphor from the rub had caused too much inflammation in the respiratory tract. Her baby had been dead for hours by the time the doctors were able to declare it.

Note: this is the reason why she wanted to share this shocking story with rest of the world, so no other parent would ever have to live through the torture of losing their child to something so unexpected. While it does state on the label not to use on children younger than 3 those warnings are hardly read by anyone, on any product, so there really can’t be judgment passed on the mother here. This was a terrible accident with even more shocking results, but at the very least it doesn’t have to happen to anyone else! Thank you for you time and be very careful.