You Should Never Heat Up These Types Of Food !

Because of today’s fast pace of life, freshly prepared meals are becoming a luxury, and heated up foods to which we’re all turning is one of the worst enemies of our health. Learn which foods should not be heated up under any circumstances, and which one doesn’t mind a short re-heat.

Reheated food is generally not recommended because most ingredients contain compounds that when reheating become harmful or toxic. Among those who belong to the risk group because with reprocessing they lose their nutritional properties and enzymes, are:

Spinach, beets and celery contain nitrates and warming them up transforms them into nitrosamines, which are very harmful and carcinogenic. Spinach is the most risky in this group and you should always eat it only in fresh form.


The composition of mushrooms, due to its protein, changes so easily to harmful. Therefore, it is recommended that they are only slightly warmed up to 70 degrees.

Potatoes also belong to the group of toxic foods that after heating lose their nutritional properties, and recent studies have shown that the healthiest potatoes are when boiled, but chilled. When cool, the potatoes lead to an increase in the percentage of resistant starch that has a probiotic effect.

Warmed up meat becomes foreign to our body, due to changes in the composition of proteins. When proteins are heated for a long time at high temperatures, it changes their structure and so the changed becomes indigestible, and thus toxic.

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