Never Store Your Potatoes In The Fridge, This Is Why!

Keeping certain products in your refrigerator can’t harm you or your health, but the low temperatures can affect the taste and the texture of the ingredients in some products.

A lot of people, when they come back home with groceries they bought at the bazaar or in the supermarket, usually put them in the refrigerator so they will last longer and they won’t rot. But you should have in mind that some products should not be kept in the refrigerator.

We don’t put our bread in the refrigerator, right? It’s the same thing with potatoes.

According to some researches, keeping the potatoes in a refrigerator can cause the starch to transform into sugar, so the potato will be much sweeter. The best way to keep potatoes is in cold and dark place, into cardboard bags.

You should avoid plastic bags and keep it open one day so it will get some air breeze.