Never Throw Away Used Tea Bags: Here’s What You Can Use Them For!

The next time you drink a cup of tea, don’t throw away the tea bags, try some of this useful tricks.
You can use them for different purposes.

used te bags

Skin Irritation, Burns, Bruising, Mosquito Bites.
Pour the dry tea bag with water and put it on the spot that needs treatment of inflammation. You can use this trick for dark eye circles, to lower the swelling around the around the eyes and refresh this area.
Fridge Smell
You don’t need to buy soda to get rid of the bad smell from the fridge. Put a couple of tea bags in a plastic bowl and that will do the job equally.
Washing Dishes
If a lot of dirty dishes are waiting to be washed the tea bags can help. Pour some of them in the sink and the tea bags will do the rest. If you leave them like that overnight, the next day you will wash those dishes way easier.
Bugs, Rodents And Other Vermin
Leave the teabags in the cupboard and in other critical places of your home. For this situation mint tea bags are the best, because rats and bugs can’t stand mint. That’s why, the next time when you drink something warm don’t throw away the bags, try out some of these useful tricks and save money.

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