Never Touch These Face Parts With Dirty Hands, This Is What Might Happen

The risk of infection will increase if you wear jewelry or if you have long nails because a lot of dirt piles up on those places. Do not forget that you can transfer disease causing bacteria mainly with your hands.

In order to decrease the risk of infection, you should avoid touching these parts of your body:

1. Face

Touching your face should be limited only on the regular morning wash, applying makeup or crème. If you touch some dirty surface and then you touch your face, you increase the chances of catching some skin infection.

2. Ears

Putting your fingers or other things in your ears may affect its health. “The skin in the ear is very thin and prone to inflammations”, says American otolaryngologist John K. Niparko. As well, he adds that if you constantly scratch your ears you may evoke many conditions which later should be medically treated. So, if feel a constant itch in one of your ears than the best is to consult a doctor instead of solving the problem on your own. “Your hands are the greatest disease transmitters, and therefore you should limit their usage, especially after touching dirty surfaces.

3. Eyes

You should touch your eyes only when you put contacts or when you take out something from them. “Touching your eyes may lead to inflammation and serious infections”, says ophthalmologist K. Kokerhem. If your eyes are itchy or red then the best is to contact your doctor instead of solving the problem on your own.

4. Mouth

Recent British study showed that people put their fingers in their mouth more than 20 times in an hour – when they are bored at work! Another study showed that this is the easiest way to transfer a third of all body infections.

5. Nose

People who are used to put their fingers in their nose have 51% increased chance to suffer from the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus.

6. The area under your nails

Experts’ advice is that your nails should be as short as possible because the skin under your nails is very sensitive and it comes to piling up a lot of dirt from the environment. Moreover, the danger is even greater if you do not clean your nails regularly or if you clean the dirt with your other nails or sharp objects.

7. Behind

Wiping with toilet paper and washing it is all of the contact you should have with this part of the body. “In the area of the anus, there are bacteria which may harm your health”, says Dr. Jared V. Klein. It is recommendable to wash your palm every time when you touch your behind.