Simple Way To Use Your Palm To Cut Portions

The diet in which the main role is played by the size of your hand is the new hit worldwide. It is simply measuring the amount of food that you should eat in order to avoid excess calories and fat.

Nutritionists have recently discovered that the main problem with overeating is that people do not know how to serve their food properly.

So if you eat a healthy salad with minimum calories every day it doesn’t mean that you are eating properly. The amount of food you eat daily is very important and using the incorrect amount usually leads to not getting the desired results.

Therefore, the recommendation of the top nutritionists is that food should be measured by the size of your palm.

The amount of margarine that you put on a piece of bread should not be more than a third of your index finger, and the piece of meat that you eat should not be bigger than the palm without your fingers in the measurement.

Other measures you will find in this photo:

use your palm for portions

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