There Are No Fresh Tomatoes in Ketchup: What we think we buy and what we actually buy?! You’ll be shocked!

Everyday we buy a pack of chips (maybe two), probably a ketchup and maybe some surimi sticks. Yes, we buy these products every day (maybe not all of us), but – do we know what we actually eat? So, what we think we buy and what’s actually in the products? For example, there are no tomatoes in a ketchup! Surprised, or not really? Just take a look at the article below and find out more about this:

A small pack of chips contains just 1 potato.


A medium size pack of chips contains 3 potatoes.


Extra large pack of chips contains about 6 potatoes.

1 liter of “fresh orange juice” contains just 2 pieces of fresh fruit.


As we said, there are no tomatoes in a ketchup – but a diluted tomato paste (during this process, the tomatoes lose almost 80 % of their nutritional value).


In the famous surimi sticks there are no shrimps, but finely ground fish.


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