Do Not Eat This “Cheese” By Any Means!

Are you a parent and you making sandwiches for your children with those processed, unnatural great “cheese” slices? Or they use it themselves to make a toast? Then you simply have to see this video.

It is logical that real cheese should melt and drip on an open fire due to heat, right? Of course, but this video has proven just the opposite.

While this so-called cheese was on fire, it did not even melt, but remained stiff and started turning black – like burning a piece of plastic !!!

This is a wakeup call! What are they feeding us? What kind of garbage we put in our bodies and even worse, in the gentle body of our children?

Watch the video and see for yourself what it is – rubber, plastic, nylon bags with cheese flavor?



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1 Response

  1. Elizabeth Percy says:

    That doesn’t surprise me, I have a Labrador Retreiver who is a total food hog
    , but no way will he eat a cheese slice!

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