You Should Not Ignore These 4 Breast Changes!

For many women, the breasts are the last place they would examine without feeling pain or a strange change.

However, it is important to track their health without any particular pain.

In case you notice some of these changes, make an appointment with your doctor immediately:

Lumps on your breasts

The soft lump that moves under your skin is probably a cyst filled with fluid. But if it’s a hard and firm lump, it can mean a much more serious problem that you will need to discuss with your doctor.

Allergy on your nipples

Red traces similar of insect bite, rash or allergic reaction may be a warning of serious diseases, and even breast cancer.


Wrinkled skin

If the tissue around the chest slowly shrinks, it can indicate clogged lymph nodes, which again can cause cancer.

Birth mark that changes shape or color

Observe the asymmetry, the edges of the birth mark are irregular, and the variation of color and size. Report any changes to your doctor.

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