If You Did Not Know, This Happens to Your Body if You Do Not Have Intimate Relationships for 7 Days or More

Did you know that many experts around the world say that not having intimate relationships for a week brings serious consequences for your health in general?

Ladies and gentlemen, this happens to your body if you don’t have intimate relationship for 1 week (or more):

  1. Stress

Did you know that this is a very good and effective way to reduce stress? The answer is YES, and according to a study, conducted in 2005, making love with your partner constantly improve physical and brain performance.

  1. Heart problems

The experts also say that people who don’t practice this “activity” will have heart problems. Since having relationships requires physical activity, it improves our heart health and our circulation. A group of researchers have discovered that those who maintained intimate relations at least 1 time per week were less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

  1. Low self-esteem

The experts also claim that when we make love with our partner, hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and prolactin are released that balance our emotions. And, if you skip “intimacy” with your partner for 1 week or more, your self-esteem will be “reduced” and you’ll feel unwelcomed.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, intimacy is not only important for satisfying your desire. But, it’s also very important for our health in general. Well, this means that if you are married or live with your partner, you should take this “opportunity” to take care of your health. Yes, and you’ll have fun doing that, right?