One Exercise, Four Minutes, 28 Days, New Body

This exercise will get your body in perfect shape – it has helped thousands of people around the world. You can achieve a perfect body shape by doing one effective exercise – plank.

Plank is one of the most effective exercises that will strengthen the central part (core) of your body. Beginners often skip it because they think it’s too easy. However, it is the most powerful workout that will strengthen the muscles on your buttocks, arms and legs, it will melt more fat deposits than sit-ups and it will strengthen internal and external muscles on the back and the core.

Plank is actually remaining in a push-up position, and the muscles work in a similar way as they do when you do push-ups – they become stronger and more durable.

one exercise new body

You might have heard of The Plank Challenge. It is designed to be completed in four weeks, and the duration of the plank gradually increases each day. The goal is to begin with holding the plank position for 20 seconds, and end with holding the plank for four minutes without pausing. Your muscle mass will eventually increase and your body will be ready for bigger challenges.

Correct plank position

The results of the challenge depend whether you do the exercise properly. When you lift yourself on your elbows and lean on your toes, it is essential to hold the upper body in a straight line.

To remain in the correct position, you must control your body and hold the neck and head in the same line as your back by taking a deep breath and with the help of your abdominal muscles. Distribute the weight between your elbows and your feet so that you can strain the glutes in order to enhance the balance.

28-days Plank Challenge

Day 1: 20 seconds
Day 2: 20 seconds
Day 3: 30 seconds
Day 4:  30 seconds
Day 5:  40 seconds
Day 6:  rest
Day 7:  45 seconds
Day 8:  45 seconds
Day 9:  60 seconds
Day 10:  60 seconds
Day 11:  60 seconds
Day 12:  90 seconds
Day 13:  rest
Day 14:  90 seconds
Day 15:  90 seconds
Day 16:  120 seconds
Day 17:  120 seconds
Day 18:  150 seconds
Day 19:  rest
Day 20:  150 seconds
Day 21:  150 seconds
Day 22:  180 seconds
Day 23:  180 seconds
Day 24:  210 seconds
Day 25:  rest
Day 26:  210 seconds
Day 27:  240 seconds
Day 28:  longest you can

This is a demanding exercise, and you will feel that within the first twenty seconds. If you want to work only on specific parts of your body, you should do different kinds of challenges, on the similar principle.