One Glass of Red Wine Equals One Hour Exercise in The Gym

According to a recent study, conducted by group of researchers in the University of Alberta, the researchers have discovered that if you drink one glass of red wine every day, you will get the same effects like you have exercised in the gym for one hour.

The wine is loaded with the healthy and beneficial compound called Rasveratrol. Rasveratrol is extremely beneficial for improving your physical performance, good for your heart health and improves your muscle strength in a way the physical exercises do.

Jason Dike is the main researcher of this study. He thinks that the compound Rasveratrol can help people, who want to exercise, but physically, they are unable to.

This doesn’t mean that one glass of red wine can replace exercising completely, but it’s good to know that one glass of red wine every night, with a healthy dinner, will have positive and good effects on your health, generally speaking.

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