A Powerful Homemade Recipe That Makes All the Mosquitoes and Cockroaches Fall Dead Immediately!

Mosquitoes and cockroaches are one of the most annoying insects – EVER. The problem with cockroaches is a type of problem that can’t be fixed by itself – even if we wait for a year. They always come uninvited, and they are always here to stay for a while. This means that every house owner wants to get rid of these annoying insects, in the safest and most effective way – available. 

We all know that there are many different products on the market shelves, but the real truth is that many of these products have some negative effects, such as: cockroaches are gone just for a while, there is unpleasant odor in the house, and of course – these chemical products can be really dangerous for our health and the health of our kids.

But, you shouldn’t be worried, because there’s always a way. In this article we are going to show you how to make the most effective and the safest homemade remedy against these annoying insects.

You’ll need the following ingredients: 

  • ½ a cup of vegetable oil
  • ½ a cup of shampoo
  • ½ a cup of natural vinegar (this should be of 9% concentration)


It’s very simple – just mix all the ingredients very well and make sure you get a homogeneous mixture. Then, put the homogeneous mixture in a spray bottle so you can then spray all the areas where you want these hateful and pesky mosquitoes or flies to disappear. And, the best thing about this mixture is that you can use it in the rooms without any problems because it is completely natural. Or, you can also use it in the garden or even apply it on your skin to make it work as a natural repellent!