Psyllium – Natural Medicine For Constipation And Digestive Discomfort

Psyllium, also known as Indian plantain is form of a fiber made from Plantago ovata plant.

Psyllium is known that works as natural laxative, absorbs the water from the intestines, makes excretion easier and on a natural way helps with constipation.

Constipation is a common problem to most people due to everyday unhealthy food and very often it may cause many health discomforts such as hemorrhoids and anal fissure.

Psyllium is commonly recommended to people who suffer constipation but consummation of psyllium may help with other discomforts. For example consummating 10 g of psyllium a day with probiotics may help in treatment of Crohn’s disease.


Psyllium decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Researchers have shown that psyllium may help in regulating cholesterol which decreases the risk of heart diseases. Regular and healthy level of cholesterol is very important especially for people older than 50 years.

High cholesterol is just one but the most common way in which your body shows you that it is not satisfied with the way of nutrition and the fibers from psyllium will help you lowering it, regulating the lipids and strengthening the heart muscle.

If you suffer from high cholesterol, advice with your doctor about your fiber import through psyllium or other nutritive products. Healthy nutrition may have great impact in preventing different heart diseases.

Except psyllium you may find fibers in cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Psyllium helps with diabetes

Keeping healthy body weight is a problem for many people especially the ones with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Except that it decreases the risk of heart diseases and regulates the level of sugar in the blood, psyllium may help you in loosing weigh and keeping healthy body weight.

With its ability to absorb liquids, psyllium gives the sense of fullness which helps you in controlling the amount of food which you eat and in regulation of the levels of sugar in the blood which is especially important for people with diabetes type 2.

Where to find psyllium?

Psyllium most often may be found in the form of powder and capsule. We advise you to add psyllium powder in products which need to add density or volume, for example when you make pancakes and cakes instead of flour or yeast.

Due to its easy texture it is easily combined with many other groceries and you may use it without remorse because it is low in calories. Psyllium may be found in larger stores for healthy food.

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