This Recipe Saves Lives: People Claim They Cured Their Cancer With It

This recipe goes all around the web and people claim that they have cured their cancer with it. They claim to be cured without surgery and chemotherapy and are now bursting with health.

The recipe is based on honey and ginger and there are no side effects. A woman that was on life support for 20 days, because of cancer of the endocrine glands, claims to be cured without surgery and chemotherapy and is now bursting with health.

home remedy cancer

To prepare the cure you need:

  • Two larger ginger roots cleaned well and blended;
  • After that mix the ginger with 1 pound of organic honey;
  • The mixture should be stored in a jar and one teaspoon should be taken three to four times per day;
  • It is very important to use a plastic, wooden or ceramic spoon.

The first effects should be felt after two to three days. This remedy has a healing power to “rise from the dead”.

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