Recognize Them In Time: The Symptoms Of A Fatty Liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in our body. It has a role in decomposition of fat, keeps your blood sugar at an optimal level, the production of enzymes and retain essential vitamins, minerals and glycogen. No other vital organs cannot replace liver. Whatever throughout life we eat and drink goes through our liver. That is why this body suffers and soaks up all our bad eating habits.

High blood pressure, bloating, fatigue, or high cholesterol levels are some of the indicators that tell us two things: that there was an overload of the liver and fat metabolism disorders.

The minimum quantity of fat will not cause any effect. On the other hand, if there is a 5-10% fat by weight of the liver, it means that it is a steatosis, a disease that is known and called fatty liver.

It can also occur as a result of alcoholism.

fatty liver sympthoms

Symptoms of fatty liver

It is often called the “silent disease” because its symptoms are barely noticeable. In most cases, it takes years until you notice.

If it develops, you can get atypical symptoms, such as nausea, weakness, loss of appetite, confusion and problems with concentration.

It can also provoke pain in the middle or upper abdomen, the appearance of dark spots on the skin (usually on the lower part of the arm) as well as an enlargement of the liver.

In alcoholics, these symptoms are exacerbated by continuous alcohol consumption. Fatty liver can be detected and even prevented to people who do not consume alcohol.


There is no cure for fatty liver; There is a treatment for preventing or reducing and controlling the disease. After detection of the disease, it is necessary to immediately stop the consumption of alcohol. Also, obese people should as soon as possible reduce weight. Regular exercise, proper diet and exercise can help improve the situation.

In addition to reducing calorie intake, it is necessary to reduce the intake of processed foods that contain carbohydrates, such as white bread, potatoes, pasta, sugar, corn and transfats.

Margarine, butter, cream and meals prepared in oil are things that you have to leave. Also, it would be more than desirable to avoid the use of unnecessary drugs or drugs without which you

Finally, if you have problem with fatty liver herbalists recommend tea that can help in controlling the disease.

You need the following ingredients:

–  2 tbsp of chopped dandelion root

– 200 ml water

Mix dandelion root with boiling water, cover and let it sit for twenty minutes. After that, strain and drink.

Drink the tea in the morning and evening.

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