Recognize Your Sleeping Style And See How It Influences Your Health!

It is interesting that everyone has its own “sleeping style” which is hard to give up (the ones who tried know best). Why you prefer sleeping on one side, on your back or in a hug with your pillow is a question for deep analyzes, but it is a fact that every pose has its bad and good sides.

It is a fact that sleeping on your back is good for the spine. If you take into consideration that you sleep at least 6 hours a day (which is ¼ of the day) than it is important not to harm your health during those hours.

Recognize your sleeping style and check how it influences your sleeping style.


Sleeping on your stomach

This may improve digestion but it is recommended only if you have developed breathing technique, breathing through your nose. In fact sleeping on the right or left side of the face will make that side more loose, wrinkles will appear before its time and you neck suffers great pressure during night. Imagine keeping your head turned 90 degrees all day. Also this position of the head may cause back pain because the lumbar side of the spine doesn’t have support. However if you snore and you still haven’t experienced chronic back and neck pain try this pose but choose thin pillow.

Fetus position

This position is favorite to 60% of the population but bad side of this position is that in curled up position with curled knees and chin you do many harmful things to our spine and neck. The more curled your are the more you decrease deep inhalation i.e. it is limited. However, it is considered that sleeping in fetus position is good for people who have problems with snoring and pregnant women. Some psychologists say that people who sleep in fetus position are shy and more sensitive.

Sleeping on one side with arms to your body

This position of the body during sleeping provides the best support for the spine, holding it in right and natural position. In this way it decreases the back pain and decreases the chances for sleep apnea (stopping your breath while sleeping). Flaw of this pose is that it contributes to skin aging; it has bad influence on wrinkles appearance and breast position.

Sleeping on one side with your hands on the side

As in the case with the previous position this “sleeping style” is good for the spine and in the same time the body experiences the force of gravitation. However, this side sleeping may cause pain in the arm and shoulders and a position where the arms are spread additionally increases the pressure on the shoulders. People who sleep like this probably are suspicious and approach life totally rationally.

Right or left side

The side on which you are sleeping has great influence on the organism and health. If you sleep on the right side you have great chances to experience heartburn, while sleeping on the left side you put pressure on the liver, lungs and stomach but you decrease the chances for suffering stomach acid (no pain while swallowing, vomiting, heartburn). However, sleeping on the left side is recommended to pregnant women by doctors, because this position encourages better fetus circulation.

Soldier position

Sleeping on your back with arm by your body is considered to be the best position for healthy spine and neck under the condition not to put too many pillows. However, the disadvantage of this pose is snoring and sleep apnea (temporary stop of breathing).

See star

Sleeping on your back with your arms wide spread, no matter if arms are above the pillow or not, is great for the spine and doesn’t contribute to fast skin aging and wrinkles appearance. However, this position of “sea star” also stimulates snoring and make problem with stomach acid. If your hands are above the pillow you create pressure on the shoulders which may cause pain.

Pillow hug

No matter which position you sleep, for sure you will wake up rested and with less pain if you sleep in hug with your pillow.

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