Restore Lost Muscle Mass and Reduce Muscle Weakness with These 2 Delicious Foods

Loss of muscle mass or also called muscle atrophy is something that can happen to any of us, even then when we take care of our health and we follow a healthy diet. Recent studies have discovered the biological “trigger” that causes the muscle los, and two compounds that can prevent muscle atrophy and restore lost muscle mass.

This means that older people, who were especially “vulnerable” for losing muscle mass, now can stop the muscle atrophy and reduce the muscle weakness with simply consuming this two delicious foods.

The Connection between Old age and Muscle Atrophy

As our body gets older, our muscles become more vulnerable to muscle atrophy and we keep losing weight. Even though this is natural process, it can cause serious problems at old people, like example they can break a bone when they fell on the ground.

Muscles grow constantly and become bigger and stronger from the moment we were born until our 30th birthday. After our 30th birthday, we can lose 3 to 5 % of our muscle mass every 10 years. After the age of 75, muscle atrophy speeds up very fast.

Loss of muscle mass can make our lives very hard and less pleasant. Muscle weakness, agility and endurance can stop us from doing activities like gardening or hiking. Sometimes even walking can be a dangerous thing for us when muscle atrophy is present.

Even though muscle atrophy is natural condition that comes with old age, a recent study has shown that this kind of condition can be surpassed. In fact, the right supplement can restore lost muscle mass or prevent the muscle atrophy of getting worse.


Apples and green tomatoes can stop the loss of muscle mass

You may be surprised when you find out that the key of stopping muscle atrophy lies in these two very common, every day foods: apples and green tomatoes.

Eating this fruits every day will help you maintain muscle mass, no matter what’s your age. Who would have thought that an apple a day or few pieces of green tomato can be so powerful?

How this combination of ursolic acid and tomatidine does actually works?

Team of researchers at the University of Iowa has discovered that these 2 compounds have inhibitory effect on the ATF4, the factor responsible for genetic weakening and losing the muscles. Apple peels are full with ursolic acid, and you can find tomatidine in green tomatoes.

In the experiments with mice’s, researchers have discovered that after two months of using ursolic acid and tomatidine into their diet, mice’s have shown great improvement in their muscle mass and muscle strength. Muscle mass got bigger by 10 %, and their strength by 30 %.

Apple a day keeps the Doctor away

The newest researches can soon bring some new supplement at the stores and in the markets, but why wait for it when you can consume it just with eating fresh fruits?

Apples are delicious and healthy, so is the green tomato.

You can eat apple a day, and use the green tomato to make different salads.

Be careful: Apples are usually sprayed with different chemicals!

You have to be aware that the apples are on the top of the list of most sprayed fruit in 2015. That’s why make sure you always buy organic apples.