Scientists called this fruit the elixir of youth !

Pomegranate slows down aging and relieves stress, and it’s great for your sex life and healthy heart.


Pomegranate slows down the oxidation process in the body and is a natural protection against the aging process, according to scientists. It helps prevent heart disease, reduce stress and even proved to be successful in improving sexual life! If all that were not enough to convince you to try pomegranate, perhaps this next argument will: scientists called this fruit the elixir of youth.

Researches have shown that a daily dose of pomegranate may slow the aging process of DNA. The extract of the whole fruit, including pith, peel and seeds, in the form of a capsule was consumed daily by 60 volunteers during one month. Scientists have monitored the activity of these chemicals in their bodies and comparing them with those taking a placebo. They found a significant decrease in markers associated with cell damage that can lead to impaired function of the brain, muscle, liver and kidney, as well as the effects of aging on the skin.


Slowing down the aging process has not previously been known to come from consuming pomegranate. Pomegranate seems to be slowing down the process of oxidation or rusting of the DNA in cells which naturally occurs over time, according to scientists in the private laboratory ProbelteBio in Spain. This elixir of youth, they say, is in small quantities in the juice, but mainly in non-eatble cortex and white core that has been converted into pills and drinks.



Super foods

“We are very excited about this study which we believe demonstrates that regular consumption of pomegranate extract can slow down the process of oxidation of DNA,” says dr. Sergio Streitenberger who led the research. “Aging can be viewed as rust or oxidize. It is significant progresses finding any type of a pill or food that can fight this process.


Tim al. Streitenberger found a decrease in the level of the chemical marker called 8-Oxo-DG in the urine of research participants. This marker is associated with DNA damage caused by a range of chemicals that we consume through food, drinks and breathing. Pomegranate is known for centuries as a super-food because it is rich in vitamins A, C and E, iron, and antioxidants, chemical compounds that can neutralize harmful oxygen molecules, or free radicals. Last year, scientists at the University of Queen Margaret in Edinburgh found that pomegranate juice can reduce stress at work. Besides being good for the heart, which reduces stress and makes us happy, pomegranate also improves sex life.

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