She Ate Only Bananas During Her First Pregnancy. Now She’s Pregnant Again And Shocking The World

Does the name Loni Jane rings a bell? Well, if your answer is no – then you should definitely read the article bellow. She is an Australian blogger and now she is going to be a mom for the second time.  Well, Loni Jane became extremely popular when she was pregnant with her first child. So, now you probably ask yourself – what made her so popular? Well, while she was pregnant with her first child, she ate just bananas. Yes, a banana only diet. To be honest with you, her breakfast, lunch and dinner were all the same – she consumed 20 bananas every day. So, Loni Jane got many negative critics and comments and everyone was shocked from the way she chose for eating.

One of the “experts” send her this comment: “The human body can’t work properly if it’s fed only with bananas”. Loni Jane replied that she started the banana only diet because she was consuming too much alcohol and fast food for a long period of time. She said: “If I continued with my fast food and alcohol regime, I would have probably gotten cancer. Giving up food wasn’t difficult for me at all”.

So, she ate bananas for 9 months and in 2014, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

And now, Loni Jane is pregnant again. But now, she starting something new and more interesting. She consulted with Dr. Douglas Graham and she is starting new vegan diet. This vegetable diet is also known by the name “80/10/10”, which actually means that it is consisted of: 80% vegetables, 10% proteins and 10% fats. This diet is well known among all famous athletes.

But, this vegetable diet also brought some negative comments. Some of her Instagram followers said that she is irresponsible and narcissistic. But, she is not really concerned about those kinds of comments. She is still posting photos of her and her meals and now she has more then 380 000 followers on Instagram. We really hope you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.