She Rubs Her Nose with Toothpaste and Something Amazing Happens to Her…I’m Trying This Tonight (VIDEO)

Blackheads are usually common in people who have oily hair, oily skin, clogged glands or pores. And they are especially common in people who are living unhealthy lifestyle and eating unhealthy food. These dark spots are actually blocked pores, which are filled with skin debris, dead skin cells, keratin and sebum, an oily substance.

Even though they do not possess potential to harm our health, they appear on the face, which is the most noticeable body part, so they are an unpleasant phenomenon and can be quite annoying and unattractive. As we said, clogged glands or pores are the usual cause of blackheads. The excess sebum and dead skin cells clog the pores and make the best environment for blackhead development.

Fortunately, there is a quick and safe way to get rid of blackheads and solve this aesthetic. So, instead of using those expensive facial creams and cosmetic products on the market, you should try this home method.

Here’s how to get rid of blackheads with toothpaste:

  1. Get the appropriate toothpaste
  2. Wash your face well

Well, you need to wash your face well with warm water, as you always do. Then, you need to apply some toothpaste on the skin area (nose or chin area), which is affected with blackheads. Then, you need to leave the toothpaste to dry thoroughly. When the toothpaste is all dry, you need to rub it on your skin very gently. This method will help you to remove all blackheads from your skin pores. When you are done rubbing it, you need to wash your face again. Or you can also try this method as well – apply toothpaste on your face. Then, get a piece of cloth, apply some olive oil or almond oil on it and use it to massage the affected area. Rub it for few minutes and then wash your face with warm water.

rubs nose with toothpaste

  1. Add salt to the toothpaste for quicker results

Well, if you want to get quicker results, then you should add some salt to the toothpaste. Make sure you use equal ratio of toothpaste and salt. If you make this mixture to thick, then you need to add few drops of warm water in it. Repeat the same procedure – first, you need to wash your face and dry it. Then, you need to apply this toothpaste – salt mixture on the affected area and rub it gently. Leave it on for 10 minutes, until the mixture is all dry. When the mixture is all dry, you need to rub it gently in order to remove the blackheads from your pores. When you are done with rubbing, you need to wash your face and apply some of your daily moisturizer.

Remember – it’s highly important for your that your face stays moist through the entire treatment. You can also use baking soda, as an alternative to salt. And, you should also know that when you are done with the treatment, and after washing your face – you should get an ice cube and rub the affected area with it, in order to close the pores and prevent the bacteria from entering inside your skin.

And, don’t forget to watch the videos bellow. You should definitely try this home method for removing blackheads. It’s simple, easy, cheap and the most important thing – extremely effective. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Source: Healthy Recipes Home