Shocking Discovery: 97% Of Cancer Patients Had This Treatment At The Dentist

Did you know that there is a standard procedure that you probably have made at your dentist and that is how everyone thinks, completely safe, and the reality is actually completely different.

In America, even 40 000 of these procedures are made daily on patients who think that it is harmless. The word is ‘removing the nerves’ in order to ‘save’ the tooth. It is known to all patients, and also dentists hate pulling out a tooth and take all possible steps and treatment methods in order to avoid this. Nerves are regularly removed from the tooth so the tooth remains numb, and the root is cleaned and closed.


However, what patients do not know, and dentists ignore, is that the tooth, no matter that it is ‘dead’, remains a hidden tank and incubator for deadly anaerobic bacteria. This type of bacteria needs air to live and spread, but under certain conditions it can find its way to the circulatory system and cause a whole range of chronic diseases that are often life-threatening.

These surveys are nothing new, however, it is unknown why dentists do not warn their patients about possible side effects of the surgery.

Of particular concern is the relationship between the ‘nerve extraction’ or closing root, and cancer. According to US website KoT, even 97 percent of cancer patients had a toot closure surgery once in their life. What is scary and confirms direct connection with this method of ‘treatment’ teeth is that the cancer in these patients appeared at the same side of the body where the repaired teeth were.

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