Shocking Video: How She Lost 52 Pounds in 6 Weeks, and Used Only One Trick Before Going to Bed

Hey ladies! How are you today! Before we start with this article, I would like to ask you a simple question – would you like to know a little secret, which will help you burn that stubborn belly fat, especially around the belly area? Well, we really hope that your answer is yes, because in this article we are going to share this secret with you!

Now, let me ask you another question – does the name “Flat Belly Overnight” rings any bell? Flat Belly Overnight is the new (effective) weight loss plan, from the famous fitness trainer and fighter – Andrew Raposo. Andre says that this simple, but extremely effective weight loss plan can help you lose up to 2 lbs. of belly fat overnight. As we said, Andrew Raposo is a professional fighter and he used this trick in the last few years to help him stay in shape, but he never thought it could help anyone else, until it saved his sister’s life by shedding her weight overnight!

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Flat Belly Overnight Review – Can This One Trick Really Help You Shed Belly Fat Overnight?

This is how the story goes – his sister Amy had some real problems losing the extra weight. The weight loss process is extremely hard and difficult process! And we all know why – because we all love food – especially sweet and sugary stuff, right? And no one like to run or exercise in the gym every day. You’ve probably tried many different exercises and diet plans, to help you lose the belly fat, but they’ve probably didn’t work for you.

Note: a healthy diet and a “bad” exercise program can have bad effects on our health. It can cause joint pain, hunger, decreased energy levels, insomnia, physical injuries and most importantly, it will cause inability to lose fat in certain areas of the body.

Amy was suffering from diabetes type 2, which is one of the biggest risks of increased belly fat. Other problems caused by it are heart diseases, increased risk of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

We all know that many experts around the world say that we can lose weight by following these simple rules:

  • Eating lots of fruit and veggies,
  • Regular exercise,
  • Interval training and
  • Reducing our calorie and carbs intake.

Yes, this is true, but sometimes, they can’t provide the desired results. But, this is now the case with this exercise program. Andrew will share some useful tips and tricks how to speed up the weight loss process and burn that stubborn belly fat. You will be amazed by the results.

You should also know that Andrew says that it’s really hard to get rid of belly fat over 40 due to the hormonal changes that occur with age. The shift in hormones can slowdown the metabolism and the stomach inflammation makes it nearly impossible to melt belly fat and very easy to gain weight. The Flat Belly Overnight program will speed up the weight loss process and it will help you lose weight much faster! It will also make you feel refreshed and full of energy! Yes, this amazing weight-loss program will improve your health in general!

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As we said, you’ve probably tried many different exercises, diet plans, etc. These are the most common side effects, caused by them:

  • Can’t lose weight in specific body parts
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Hunger
  • low energy levels and insomnia
  • Physical injuries, especially at the lower back are

Little Known Facts About Traditional Diet and Exercise Programs 

The famous fitness trainer and fighter, Andrew Raposo, also said that his sister was still gaining weight, because she was following these advices – without knowing all the facts.

  1. Fruits are hurting your ability to lose weight

Yes, you got that right! Fruits will slow down the weight loss process! Here’s what you need to know – the bad thing is that fruits are often treated with toxic substances which can disable your ability to lose weight naturally. This means that if you eat more fruits and vegetables (which are treated with these chemicals), it can decrease the production of fat-burning hormones and increase the levels of the cortisone and leptin hormones, which will lower your chances of burning fat.

  1. Low carbohydrate foods are not good for your heart

Let me ask you a simple question – did you know that a low-carb diet can cause your heart to race, increasing the risk of heart diseases? Yes, and this means that shouldn’t practice low-carb diet. Note: carbs are good, but you should eat the good ones.

  1. Cutting calories impairs fat loss

Andrew also says that when you get older, cutting calories from your diet will slow down your metabolism and eliminates the energy sources that your body uses. What this means – well, if your body is on low-energy mode, it won’t be able to burn the stubborn belly fat.

  1. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) causes inflammation

Does the name HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training, rings any bell? The popular HIIT workout can cause joint damage and inflammation in the body which will increase the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Flat Belly Overnight – All Facts Considered!

Yes, the best thing about this weight-loss program is that the Flat Belly Overnight program takes these facts and the hormonal changes into account and integrates certain steps which can diminish their negative effects.

Flat Belly Overnight is really amazing and effective! As we said, his sister lost 52 pounds in less than 6 weeks! That’s really amazing, right? After a stroke and finding out she has type 2 diabetes, Amy looked for help by her brother’s side. He recommended the trick used by professional athletes and fighters to get into shape as fast as possible, but Amy made a few changes, because she’s not an athlete.

The Flat Belly Overnight program helped his sister lose 52 lbs. Even Andrew was shocked when he saw that Amy lost 8 pounds in only 24 hours! These small changes (tweaks) have exceeded all expectations! They included making small changes to some foods, a 3-minute exercise and using certain herbs and spices. Andrew added metabolism boosting foods to his sister’s diet which kept her metabolism running high, while the exercise sequence triggered her abs to burn calories rapidly. Andrew also added a couple of herbs and spices which eliminated toxins and free radicals within her body. She lost weight and this weight loss program helped her reverse the conditions she was suffering from. Her blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels were normalized. That’s really amazing, right?

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Benefits of Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight Program

As we said, the Flat Belly Overnight is simple, but extremely effective weight loss plan that can help you lose up to 2 lbs. of belly fat overnight. Andrew says that you can use the Flat Belly Overnight program all the time and you will be amazed by the results. According to the official Flat Belly Overnight website, in just 7 days you’ll notice some great results – the “love handles” will start to fade, you won’t feel any joint pain, you will feel full of energy and sex drive, etc.

Andrew says that his Flat Belly Overnight program can help you with:

  • Cleanse your body from all harmful toxins
  • Supercharge your metabolism
  • Boost and balance your hormones, which will help you lose weight much faster
  • Activate the processes in your body, which will provide more oxygen for your cells and eliminate the excess carbon dioxide
  • Reduce the stress levels to stop and slow down the production of the hormones, Cortisol and Leptin
  • Burn that stubborn belly fat
  • Reduce physical and joint

And the best thing about this weight loss program is that it’s simple, easy to follow and you don’t have to starve yourself! Yes, you will lose weight, without starving!

What’s Included with The Program

The Flat Belly Overnight program is a really simple (but effective) and straight forward program. It has three different parts:

  1. Flat Belly Overnight 3 Minute Belly Flattening Sequences

These 3 minute exercises promise to target your belly fat and firm your midsection. They also promise to be easy for anyone to perform – even the elderly or someone who has experienced an injury. The workouts are designed to be performed daily: so if you have 3 minutes of free time per day, you can tone your belly.

  1. Flat Belly Overnight Done for You Template

Contains the exact step by step guide you need to eat right and perform the correct exercises to lose weight. By following this template, the creator of the program claims anyone can solve their belly fat problem.

  1. Flat Belly Overnight Detox Formula

The Flat Belly Overnight Detox Formula describes how you can add certain herbs and spices to your diet to cleanse your body while erasing belly fat. Instead of eating foods that cause inflammation in your gut, the Detox Formula promises to help you fight back against this inflammation using herbs and spices you can buy at any grocery store.

Note: by following the Flat Belly Overnight formula, Andrew claims anyone can lose their stubborn belly fat without sacrificing the foods they love to eat. You also don’t have to exercise like a maniac: in fact – you can lose weight while you sleep.

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Flat Belly Overnight Pros and Cons – My First Impressions? 

Well, how should I start – in this section of my Flat Belly Overnight review I would like to share my personal opinion with you. And now you probably ask yourself – did I actually lose belly fat overnight with this system?

Well, to be honest with you, I must say that I had a little doubt the night before and was a little nervous, probably cause of the emotional story of Amy. That story inspired me and I really wanted it to work. So, what happened? Well, I weigh myself the day before, followed what Andrew say’s in Flat Belly Overnight and when I work up in the morning I actually lost weight. I lost 2.5 pounds which was great!

He (Andrew) says that you can lose from 1 to 2 pounds of belly fat overnight on the official website and I lose 2 pounds, but I can’t be sure that I’ve lost 2 pounds directly from my midsection or stomach.

Bust still, you should know that the Flat Belly Overnight program isn’t meant to be used for just one night. The goal is to keep using the trick every single night before bed to receive results. So I continued to do the trick before bed and every morning I woke up every morning – with less weight. Although the next few mornings I loss only 1 pound, then 1.2 pounds and then .5 pounds. Regardless, every morning I was noticing some good results!

What happened next – I followed the program for 5 days total and lost around 7 lbs., which is really amazing. Note: don’t get me wrong! These results are just mine and nobody knows how your body will react, because all bodies are different. Andrew has included a 60-day money back guarantee too. He wanted everyone to feel safe giving Flat Belly Overnight a go risk free.

This means that you should definitely try it – this simple, but effective trick is very easy and simple to use! You just have to make a few small changes. Well, you need to alter your grocery shopping routine to a small degree, as well as some of your meal preparation methods. One of the awesome things I noticed was that I was still able to eat the foods I loved. Many of these were foods I had given up during the “trial and error” period for other fat loss systems.

This amazing weight loss program will make you get your own arsenal of herbs and spices for your kitchen! And the most important thing – you won’t starve yourself! You need to add a cup of herbal tea to your pre-sleep routine. Well, unfortunately, this brings me to the end of my Flat Belly Overnight review. In the meantime, if you want to learn more I highly recommend you check out the official website to learn more about Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight program. We really hope you enjoyed my review and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

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