Smokers, this test will reveal whether you will get cancer!

If you are a smoker, a miner or you just live in a polluted environment, you’re probably afraid of the risk of getting lung cancer one day. And once you get it, it’s too late. Well not any more…


A group of experts from London have managed to develop a test that can warm smokers when they are under a great risk of getting lung cancer. All you need to do is give a smear from your mouth or nose, and the cells will give you the answer.

cancer test for smokers


Apparently, with people who have the predisposition of getting cancer or already have a very early stage of lung cancer, the cells react differently under an infra red light, other than with a healthy individual. Also, with the ones that already have cancer there are so called abnormal cells that are found in the mouth and in the nose.

“Our vision is that, in the future, all smokers go to their doctor or even in the nearest pharmacy and have this test done. This test is an early screening for this horrible disease” said professor Sam Janes.

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