This South American Plant Is Known To Treat Infertility And Tumors

South Americans, used this exotic plant for making bread and drinks, but also for the treatment of infertility.

South Americans love this plant and they share one of the most important ingredient.


Manioc or cassava is a plant that is, except for the preparation of bread and drinks, good for helping with health issues.


Results of the latest alternative research show how they help in the treatment of various tumors. Except for the treatment of tumors cassava helps in the treatment of infertility, arthritis and strong headaches, writes


The leaves are a source of plant protein, carotene and lysine, and the root is rich in calcium, which is excellent for strengthening bones and vitamin C.


Before eating, the plant needs to be cooked because it has a small percent of poisonous cyanide.

To be consumed as medicine, cassava need to be peeled, chopped into pieces, and immersed in cold water, which has been previously boiled and cooled. Put the jar with soaked pieces of cassava in the refrigerator for two hours. When they settle all the remains of cassava should be transformed into another jar of liquid and drink consumed every morning before breakfast.

In South America it is considered to be a strong remedy against infertility

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